Airpipe Compressed Air Pipe Systems

Filters & Centrifugal Separators

Why use compressed air filters?

Air pipes are used for air compressor industry and air transmission industry. We specialize to supply and installation of air pipe work system for new projects, for renovation, extension or modification of existing system for industries in Textile, Electronics, Food, Automobiles and Chemicals.


Suitable working conditions and extrusion standard
- Suitable fluid: compressed air, vacuum, nitrogen and other gases.
- The maximum working pressure at -20°C to 70°C (-30°C to 80°C), 13bar.
- Vacuum: 0.13bar absolute pressure.
- Seamless Extruded Aluminum tube (GB/T4337.1-2000).

AIRPipe Technical Specification

AIRPipe Technical data:
- Maximum Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
- Maximum work pressure: 15 bar
- Vacuum: 0.13 bar (ab)

Standard Performance:

- Compatible with any compressor oil suitable for open air installation silicone free, suitable for compressed air, vacuum, inert gas.
*for the case which is forbidden for silicon resin, please consult with us.

Standard Compliance:

- Seamless Aluminium Alloy pipe fireproof GB/T4437.1.1-2000
- AIRPIPE products have CE, TUV and ISO Certification
- All the threaded connectors have BSP and NPT (On demand)
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