Kaeser Filters & Centrifugal Separators

Filters & Centrifugal Separators

Why use compressed air filters?

On average, a compressor sucks in up to 190 million particles of dirt, hydrocarbons, viruses and bacteria with every cubic meter of atmospheric air. The compressor itself can only remove the larger particles and the majority of the contaminants remain in the compressed air. This means that for most applications careful treatment of the air is necessary: Clean, quality compressed air maximises air-tool service life, ensures that pneumatic machinery and control systems operate at the peak of their performance and keeps pipes & valves free from contamination. It therefore not only reduces service, maintenance and repair costs, but can also reduce initial investment costs.

KAESER filters ensure a dependable and cost-effective source of quality compressed air Compressed air filters from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN are ideally suited for use with our compressors and compressed air drying systems. This ensures dependable compressed air treatment and exceptional efficiency.

Tailored compressed air treatment

All KAESER filters and compressed air treatment components are specifically designed to be used in combination with one another and can be combined to suit the needs of the specific application.

The grade of compressed air quality ranges from general works air up to food grade and pharmaceutical quality air. KAESER compressed air filters are also available for high pressure applications up to 62 bar(g).

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